Luca Zacchi Imballaggi Srl has been working in the Expanded Polystyrene market.

New studies confirms that EP is really convenient, thanks to its prominent qualities: it is resistant, stretchable, recyclable.

Therefore it is very used in many markets trades, as industrial packaging, insulating for building trade, and the relation costs/benefits is very interesting. EP importance is increasing also in our daily life, because it keeps houses from dampness and cold, food from bacteria, and also our safety. Think about helmet for cycling or motorbikes!!!!

EP is stretchable but shock resistant, therefore fits perfectly.

Our Company has been working in many different trades markets because EP is very versatile. Firstly we work on industrial packaging and cold storage, but we also provide building trade of many components for insulating and job site safety.

We are costumer oriented and quality is our purpose; our items are strictly checked and the delivery always on contractual time. Moreover we offer design and information services.
We follow the more updated environmental and recycling issues.